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October 2009

Advertising Agency: GPYR Brisbane, Australia

Print advertisment created by GPYR, Australia for RSPCA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Show us some love. We'll return the favor. RSPCA

Creative Directors: David Joubert, Piet Human
Art Director: Adam Gower
Copywriter: Andrew Thompson
Retouch: John Shard
Account manager: Jess Hughes

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i like

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love these....he he he

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not satisfied with the idea... or the art directing. anyone can notice the cat doesn't seem to hold that vacuum cleaner (besides the fact that she can never ever hold it). the visual is simply not convincing to me.

i like exaggerating in ads, but it has to have a little bit of something on the real side. it should make you imagine the picture.

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remember that ad campaign a while back, i think it was for the SPCA in the UK. "The great thing about pets? They really don't care." And the visuals were things like a really obese man running naked on the beach with his dog, and another was a hairy guy sitting in a bra and panties petting his pug. Those ads nailed the insight about pets and their owners.

These ads (all three of them) are pretty far off the mark.

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wow. i agree with this so much.

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true. it's this ad that's the best:

masterpiece. emotionally relevant.

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that's what i'm talking about... i remember those ads, they were great.

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Audrius Kubrik
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This is painfully freakish and sad.

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1. i think whoever owns pet, must love him, either he/she wont have a pet

2. when pets are already being loved by their owners or for a while we believe their owners dont love them, will they be really work like a domestic help if they get love from their owners. I DOUBT

3. had they shown some emotional relation, certainly would work wonder.


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vacuum cleaner could be more yellowish (global color of the photo) and more blurry.

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