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somebody can explain me please?

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I'll give it a try, matita. What we see here are 'bad copies' of the ones in the little picture. I think they're saying; return from a bad copie of yourself to your (clean/healthy) original self. Correct me if I'm wrong, anybody...

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wow! this is fantastic job!

but as all ads of this sort - it doesn't get the junkies but everybody else...

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All ears
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I agree with you Kateter, on the part about the ads reaching everyone else.

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Looks like Student work to me.

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could be students work. you just put your face on a scanner and move slowly, while it is scanning. tried that once for a different idea. didn't work ;)

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kateter and all ears, i agree with both.
but i have to admit: people from the family of the junkie, or even a "not-so-junkie" friend can be catched by this ad and help the junkie to get in this rehabilitation program.

of course, junkie need want to get out of drugs on the first place, but alone, without family and friends the junkie have almost ZERO chance.

am i right?

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Dick Huges
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this is simply bad. they could use it for anything, is just a technique not an idea.

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"Illustrator: Scaner"



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This is the effect you get when you move whatever it is you're scanning, while the light bar is scrolling across the scanning machine. You can do the same with a copier.

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Come one guys... They are talking about drugs and the effects that drugs produce on you. It's a nice work and nice idea too. The only issue here is that is a very fake ad and that is bad. This is a serious thing and there are no call to action, no web page, no phone, no nothing... It is a little detail guys... Make truchos, but make well!

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maybe they're aiming to cocaine users and their habit to snort from a mirror… like "you're more than a ugly reflection" or something… anyway, far from the point.

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chucha no entiendo, será el uso del espejo ???


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Kim Ellington

Wow this is very very interesting. Remember when seeking rehabilitation, please seek a center, and not attempt "at-home" rehab.

Kim Ellington

Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers. http://www.treatmentcenters.org

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