Royal British Legion: Poppy Appeal 2009, 2

For his family's sake, wear a poppy.

Poppy Appeal donations provide valuable support for ex-servicemen and their families. This years’ campaign dramatizes that the RBL also supports current service personnel by showing those directly and irreversibly affected by conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Advertising Agency: The Gate Worldwide, London, UK
Creative Director: Richard Hayter
Art Director / Copywriter: Jeremy Baker
Photographer: Robert Wilson
Published: October 2009


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who wears a poppy for the people this fucka killed in afghanistan?

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Right.. wat about the other families? STOPING WAR PREVENT THIS!

Do not join the army and you'll live!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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With your German history l wouldn't say a Fucking thing buddy

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Which country doesn't have "history" ?!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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Horrible old man.

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Generally the idea is working. It's the one aspect of life.
It's no use to argue about history or history making policy in advertising. right?
Advertising reflect and use the contemporary image.

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Remember some propaganda in the WWII era...

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Who wears a poppy for those he killed?

As a serving soldier I can say, we all do. The poppy is about remembrance, not retaliation, remember who you wish to whilst wearing your Poppy with pride.

Less politics, it's not what the RBL is about, would you rather his family live of benefits that you (might be) paying taxes for?

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