Royal British Legion: Poppy Appeal 2009, 1

For his sake, wear a poppy.

Poppy Appeal donations provide valuable support for ex-servicemen and their families. This years’ campaign dramatizes that the RBL also supports current service personnel by showing those directly and irreversibly affected by conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Advertising Agency: The Gate Worldwide, London, UK
Creative Director: Richard Hayter
Art Director / Copywriter: Jeremy Baker
Photographer: Richard Pullar

October 2009


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222 pencils

"Poppies for young men,
death's bitter trade.
All of those young lives betrayed,
all for our Children's Crusade"

-- Sting, "Children's Crusade"

Nothing has changed. We haven't learned a damn thing. How about, "For his sake, fire all the warmongers in charge"?

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opposite of u
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what the hell is this...?

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A billboard.

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