Roxy Lou Fitness Studio: Basketball

This thing is called a basketball. If you were in better shape, it might be more familiar to you.

Advertising Agency: CCT Advertising Denver, Colorado USA
Creative Director: Cameron Bridges
Copywriter: Chase Claussen
Published: October 2009


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i think this fat world deserves these kinds of humiliating copies, could tone it down just a little bit, and make the "it might be more familiar to you" copy into something that implies the feel of the basketball but not the image of it. like "it's got rough, spotty surface but you wouldn't know" or similar because everyone knows what it looks like.

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Premise is not that bad; it's true that if you don't exercise certain things would be "less familiar" to you. I just don't like that "this thing is called" part. It's a little patronizing.

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I watch TV. I know what is that thing called. How will I get in good shape because I know about the ball? What is the product connect?

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hahhaha the copies are niceee

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nice concept.. i like

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