Rotoplas Water Filters: Boy

Water beyond clear. Rotoplas Water Filters

Advertising Agency: Grey, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Martínez Echeverría
Creative Director: Joao Raya
Art Director: Sergio Domínguez
Copywriters: Joao Raya, Sergio Domínguez
Illustrator: Antonio Vilchis Now Studio
Published: March 2011


jagadeesh's picture
747 pencils

clever thinking but execution should have been better...
there should be a shadow, not a reflection...

nerio's picture
166 pencils

agreed.. I can't stop looking at the reflection now... it's just so out of place...

Manoma's picture
1108 pencils

Super idea...
it was n't necessary to have the stain around the text, but its good ;-)

luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

me gusta mucho la dirección de arte

bakamono's picture
1004 pencils

Nirvana baby grew up?

because therefore it is

AKesseli's picture
210 pencils

Good call with the nirvana album. It's pretty good, but I think there was a missed opportunity. These filters make your pool water the clearest it's ever been? All the ad shows is a more clear person. You can always see people. What can you see now that you couldn't before?

mediaturge's picture
141 pencils

It is OK. Also agree with jagadeesh and Manoma.

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
1541 pencils

Exotic and aquatic, if not a smidgen quixotic.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

feibike's picture
6 pencils

not very good

Lazarus's picture
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alexderiva's picture
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bad art.. becouse no need reflection that floor!

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