Rotomac pens: Gandhi

Lasts Forever

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra Communications, New Delhi, India
Art directors: Arnab Chatterjee, Divya Mehra
Copywriters: Kapil Dhawan, Talha Bin Mohsin


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Nice ads. This is a sort of mix of the Bic ad - Infinit Symbol - with the 3M - don't forget (Madre Teresa)- resulting in a good campaign.
I, personally, don't like the pen photo. Bad light.

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its really a good ad

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yay! Borrowed interest! This site should be renamed

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I'm not student but i have to disagree with you. The "pickers" are most inside os the industry, not in the schools.

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i think this is cool.
but diana looks like a guy.
mother teresa looks weird too.
borrowed interest mikelite?
is it only students that do this?
oh wait, maybe it might get the consumers attention...
nah, probably not.

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yes, borrowed interest. The entirety of this campaign is based on the notoriety of the subjects drawn. Take out the celebrities and the ad has no value. And you're right, it's not just students that do it, but that's the level of thinking with borrowed interest. It doesn't make it right, it just makes the creatives lazy.

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is the idea here that the portriat was drawn with the subject in the flesh?? if so, it doesnt communicate it very well. whos to say that these werent drawn while looking at a photo? maybe something more spur-of-the-moment would have accomplished this better...a characature maybe? or at least some poses that arent so familiar....just thinkin out loud here.

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i think there are better illustrators in India?

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Illustration is nice, but the idea is too old. These characters are used too many times.

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chintan ruparel
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i like the entire campaign.. c'mon guys, don't pick on each and every ad.
'lasts 4ever', very good!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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very good thought

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very good.

Pros are loyal lovers.

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very good; unless there's not a harmony among the characters. it makes the brand non-image.

Pros are loyal lovers.

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the same concept was done by another indian agency years back, only difference is that the product is paper there. chk it out at

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drunk dave
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Has no one realised that it's one continues line that's made the drawing? Pen has not been lifted from the paper! That said, oh look, a pen that can draw.

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chintan ruparel
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good observation

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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what i don't get is why does everybody use illus for pen ads...why not showing pics that lost their color throughout time and then draw something into, don't know...

and according to the borrowed interest. well i'm a student but hey it's the most known thing about advertising with my college they tell us each single day...this has been done that way and better and bla bla...but u need to see things and make them wrong and borrow some interest sometimes to learn why this is so boring and mostly the agencies borrow the interest of their students..working in advertising too long, so they need some fresh comes around goes around...?

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yes jessica , you can't reinvent the wheel, you gotta spin it in a different direction .
frankly the ads r a lil boring though..

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What lasts forever? The Pen's ink? The sketch? or Gandhi? Lacks clarity...there is a thought
in these ads but i miss the point...

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Disco Munky
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Nice idea but why use Diana in the same series as ghandi or mother terresa? Like Diana was so special.

Yeah i said it. It needed to be said. She used her influence to help people? She was a royal who did stuff. Last time I checked that was their job, not like any of them do sh*t though. The others made something for themselves out of nothing and their influence will last forever..... I just got the ad. Kidding. But what did she do really? No offence, but I don't like it when credit is given out undesevingly due to popularity. Yes I know Elvis was on the list. But he died on the tiolet after he ruptured his colon trying to drop a deuce.

Doin' it for the points

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