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i liked the way the copy forms imagery...brilliant stuff.

Mudith's picture
6 pencils

good copy and execution...but not too sure of the context though..the ad implies that the daughter would have stayed at home and taken care of the dad..isn't this reinforcing the same gender stereotype this campaign is trying to break.

gravity's picture
181 pencils

+1... couldn't explain it better.

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yet another brilliant example of how copy and poetry can be married sometimes so effortlessly

Misstree's picture
425 pencils

Doesn't the daughter also get married and move away?? strange logic...but i like the way it's written.


Not all who wander are lost.

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bad type,yet beautiful layout

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

Very nice copy, not sure about the ad itself. It looks like a MS DOS screen ^^

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“And the daughter he almost had” --- a line that truly creates a storm! Issues like these frankly need an emotional route and not logical, to get conveyed. Coz no matter which country u r in, to which mindset u belong, the absence of a girl child always makes a difference! This emotion is rightly captured. Worth reading. I like it !

kripaakar's picture
522 pencils

Brilliant copy.. this an example of copy dominating art....

PERP's picture
433 pencils

I'm sorry, but I don't agree, it does not work for me; it's just too long and it approaches a very sensitive subject in an almost "clinical" and rather depressive point of view..

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

agk's picture
81 pencils

strong copy ad...nice execution also


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boring, uninspired, sounds like a lame story your CD told you not to tell during the pitch meeting.

Guest's picture

boring? uninspired?


dear GUEST, my sympathies with u. u probably didn't understand the copy.

there's, as you wouldn't know, a thin line of demarcation between knowing english and understanding it.

anyways... i like your 'lame story' line. did your CD suggest it to you?

tk care n God bls. Joseph.

salil07's picture
143 pencils

it's almost five years since you wrote this. and no wonder you used Guest for your name. i hope you have become wiser. maybe you did not have a good day and decided to spew putrid filth in the form of your comment.

Hand on my heart

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Love the copy. Not sure it's fitting into this ad though. Copywriters should try writing a book, and not end it forcefully. I like a story that ends and leaves you nowhere...

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The idea made me think of "Lost generation"

sandipkumar's picture
16 pencils

fantastic. hard hitting

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