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It's easy to miss it but there is an idea here, look closely (yes the execution is bad)

I was thinking that the print was bad with a weird shadow effect but they are actually using the back of the knife, that's why they say "extremely sharp".

Pretty sure the idea is stolen though...

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aaaaaah i see it cool. thanks

groovy baby!

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very difficult to notice. if you don't explain the idea. thank you black hour.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Black Hour
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You're welcome.
I got lucky, thanks to Ads of the world ant it's non-existing app for smartphones I accidentely made a bigger close up than what I wanted, that's how I noticed.

Pretty sure that 90% will miss it since it's for print.

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it's not advantage being the back of knife is sharp, it's dangerous

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I have got it when Mr.Omar has explained............what about target class?

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I thought maybe they dropped the fish and the fruit onto the knife? No? That made more sense to me altough the idea still is very "used".

Art director | Strategic creative

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Agree with you Mr.Fredrik

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I fully agree.

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Well, this one probably tops the fake ads 2012 category.

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it took the whole page of discussion to figure out the idea.

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If it needs this much discussion to figure out then it's not a great or good idea.

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In short. It's awful.

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