Romanian Traffic Police: Meet New People, Stretcher

There are better ways to meet new people.
Don't drink and drive

Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Group Director: Ionut Rusu
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
Art Director: Tiberiu Papa
Copywriter: Simona Lazar
Junior Copywriter: Ruxandra Papuc
Photographer: Dan Vezentan
Post Production: New Folder

January, 2011


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good and new way of talking about this problem!

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Ron Burgundy
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agreed, very fresh

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its the better

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Jaap Grolleman
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It's nice but on the other side it makes car crashes look like a joke and something that doesn't need to be taken seriously. I mean, what sort of impression does this leave you with? Not "Geez I'll drive safe from now on!!" I think.

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This is a new insight on this problem, and I like it!

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Visually shocking, but I'm not sure you want to meet new people when you drink and drive.

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>>> Designed to be signed...

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Based on that car wreck I do not think the person in the stretcher is going to know who saved him.

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I think this could be a really solid start of a really smart campaign: follow it up with a group shot in a bar, everyone - apart from the guy drinking - dressed as paramedics.

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Group shot in a bar, and only one guy drinking? hmm

CuriousPencil's picture
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Yeah, first idea. Needs work. We should go back to the client and tell them it'll cost another 12 grand.

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Following the same logic, the ad could as well have been about better ways of getting a chewing gum or better ways of exchanging CDs.

But what do all these, including the paramedic handshake, have to to with car accidents or driving under influence?

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The sense of utter, utter relief when you're taken inside an ambulance after an accident is way better than chewy music, for a start. The "Paramedic Handshake" (which needs to be a band name, stat) is an apology, a relief, a thanks and a passing of trust to the person who's going to stitch up your fuckups (from driving drunk) back together into a body of utter regret and blah, fuck the poetics: it's not a comparison that can be used comfortably outside this scenario without comedy, so it won't t work with gum, or music, and that makes it stronger.

Your chewing-gum logic would apply if it was a shot of someone licking a pavement, and your image of CD exchange better served if it was a picture of someone flying a kite across the Grand Canyon with a Lady Gaga album tied to the end.

*That's* what it has to do with accidents and paramedics.

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So you're saying that the paramedic handshake does exist? :P

CuriousPencil's picture
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Yep, They teach them at Straw Dog school.

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

Yep, They teach them at Straw Dog school.

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Anonymous Author
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Confused tone.
1) Classic comedy: sight gag, straight man, laconic line.
2) Poignant realism: My hand was held as I died. The people I met were in the ether. It's all right, I'm here with you as you expire.
One or the other would make it a stronger proposition, I do so say.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Dumb! Not effective.

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at least i dont see the accident that caused this man to be on a stretcher..

| Everartz |

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fresh new approach, yes. stops you from drinking and driving, no.

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Good thought! An intense problem showed in a very mellowed down way. It works for me! Great job!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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I like the photography, But the line is too weak so too small. This image could not sustain it by itself. sorry cubs! rock on!

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Sure this does convey the intended message, and I am quite fond of the interpretation. But there is a good point in one of the earlier comments, that it may present car crashes a bit too easy - given the fact that many participants of a car crash may not be able to shake a hand with the ambulance doctor afterwards.

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