Meet New People, Car

January 2011

There are better ways to meet new people.
Don't drink and drive

Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Group Director: Ionut Rusu
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu
Art Director: Tiberiu Papa
Copywriter: Simona Lazar
Junior Copywriter: Ruxandra Papuc
Photographer: Dan Vezentan
Post Production: New Folder

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Highest Rated

ciprianpurcaru's picture
Activity Score 58

good job!

it's all about that message

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

good y like it

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7609

they should have mixed both the ads and had one that makes sense.. coz here it is not possible that the man would want really to meet the lady!!

| Everartz |

masterful's picture
Activity Score 14

ahahahah :))) yes but maybe he's reaching out to him to grab him, to pull him out of the car.. it's the same handshake. About what lady are you talking about?

the_lizard_king's picture
Activity Score 1257

It kinda looks unrealistic... i dunno why! I think the 1st one is better!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

adderman's picture
Activity Score 41

good job! not unrealistic at all! just an awkward presentation. you dont shake hands at a scene of accident but it doesnt necessarily mean that you (as the hurt person in the accident) wont become friends with the ambulance man who saves you later when you recover.

the handshaking in the ads just fastens the process of making a new friend symbolically and it's supported by a very strong headline. thumbs up!

tank yang's picture
tank yang
Activity Score 10

It's fresh and the different way to tell everybody that don't drink & drive. i like it!

spinsarah's picture
Activity Score 110

Oh, wow. This one definitely speaks to me. It's fresh and has great clarity. Good one.

ciprianpurcaru's picture
Activity Score 58

good job!

it's all about that message