Romanian Traffic Police: Headlight

Even during the day, others need to see you.
Keep your headlights on.

Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Romania
Client: Romanian Traffic Police
Print title: The headlight
Art directors: Tiberiu Papa, Ionut Rusu
Copywriter: Ruxandra Papuc
Group Creative Director: Ionut Rusu
Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu


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Dear lord.

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mmm I have to try, driving by night with my Ducati Monster light in the eyes...

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Thrash Awesome
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i thought this was an ad for a reflective jacket immediately. its a little confusing, just because of the execution, its saying keep your headlight on, and showing a super un-safe headlight. But for a bright neon yellow reflective jacket, i think this would totally would have worked.

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See & say gone awry. Also, why is he just sitting still? Could they not at least shown him in motion? Odd.

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he is sitting still because... he can't drive with that fucking light in the eyes!!!! Ah ah

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Hello, guys.
I’ve worked on this project and I can see why it isn’t very clear for you.
The thing is that the Romanian traffic law does not state that one is obliged to turn on the lights during the day. Yet most accidents happen due to the lack of visibility.
While bikers understand the need for light during the night, they don’t find it necessary by day. That is why we’ve wanted to state the main benefit of turning the lights on during the day: it makes you visible. Even if you don’t need the light to see the road, you need it for others to see you. The headlight puts the focus on the biker during the day and that is why it should be taken into account each time one sets for a ride (@CommandZ, that’s why he’s not in motion, he’s just leaving).

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