Rolling Stone: Tie

A well-knotted tie never got anyone laid.
The right music will.
Time for more Rock’n’Roll! RollingStone.

Advertising Agency: Oliver Voss, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Oliver Voss, Till Monshausen
Art Directors: Till Monshausen, Florian Zwinge
Copywriters: Oliver Voss, Florian Zwinge
Illustrators: Klaus Aßmann, Florian Zwinge, Ini Neumann
Photographer: Dominic Rose

January, 2012


andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

Don't do it for me.

P.G. Aditya's picture
P.G. Aditya
40 pencils

I'm just floored by the attitude represented in the design.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
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The woman bent over the car looks like she's scared. I'm sure it's intended to look consensual, but it's ambiguous.

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Gosia Nierodzinska's picture
Gosia Nierodzinska
38 pencils

Don't heterosexual women read the Rolling Stone? Anyways, I'm not going to start.
Nice illustrations throughout the series.

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