Rolling Stone Magazine: Prism

Copy on.
And one day all those legendary albums will disappear. And the great bands. And all the gifted young musicians. How are they supposed to make a living when everyone downloads their work for free? Support us:
Rolling Stone

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Creative Director: Helmut Meyer
Art Director: Eva Stetefeld
Copywriters: Taner Ercan, Dr. Stephan Vogel
Art Buyer: Christina Hufgard
Photographer: Stockmaterial
Advertiser's Supervisor: Rainer Schmidt
Account Supervisor: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Consultants: Peter Heinlein, Georg Fechner


jamesrothenburg's picture
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Great visuals, copy is a bit clunky and preachy.

rodrigoplant's picture
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Well, live shows does the recent trick. And a classic never dies ;-)

Hiperion's picture
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Is a record companies ad or a rolling stone ad?
What a hypocritical piece of shit..

Blashyrkh's picture
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If it wasn't for piracy I would never had all Pink Floyd albums. The visual is interesting.

Guest's picture

Piracy introduces bands to people. We should be getting commissions. This is really a scam to help feed rich record company owners. If the cared about musicians, then they wouldn't screw them in the first place.

Guest's picture

what the heck is the visual? besides the album cover.

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