Rolling Stone Magazine: Folk

In a perfect world people will only listen to german folk music.
Luckily, it's still a long way to get there.
Time for more Rock’n’Roll! RollingStone.

Advertising Agency: Oliver Voss, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Oliver Voss, Till Monshausen
Art Directors: Till Monshausen, Florian Zwinge
Copywriters: Oliver Voss, Florian Zwinge
Illustrators: Klaus Aßmann, Florian Zwinge, Ini Neumann
Photographer: Dominic Rose
Published: January 2012


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Tom Megginson
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Is that supposed to be Till Lindemann?

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mitali prasad
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what does it mean? didn;t get the ad copy,,,,

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Super Lucky Elephant
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अच्छा/ ठीक-ठाक

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Given the fact that German humour is famously non-translatable, this campaign was always going to be difficult to export to AOTW; the agency might have known that, but maybe a more sense-translation, rather than a machine-translated Google effort would have helped.

"In a perfect world we would only listen to folk music. Thankfully, our world has a different idea of perfection".

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i really like the art

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