Rolling Stone Magazine - Brazil: Naked

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Brasil, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Jader Rossetto
Art Director: Daniel Poletto
Photographer: Geison Genga
Copywriter: Rodrigo Senra


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Just when you thought it was over, they come right back with more stupid Dubya jokes...


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It makes me sad whenever I see the lack of thought and creativity when it comes to using G.W. in an ad that has some negative connotation associated to it. It also seems to always come from the same countries. You know, those countries that would give there left nut to live in MY Fing country. But hey, they seem to get produced even though they are nothing but shit and even worse, shit with no substance. Too bad...

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You need a reality check mate.

Only the poor from developing countries want to leave to live in the US and Europe.

But, anyway, the ad does suck.

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I don't think people go to America appealed by president Bush. Neither they go appealed by people like you. Maybe you should try travelling a bit more, reading a bit more and talking to real people a bit more before labelling the rest of the world. Have you ever been to any of those countries you just mentioned? And the funny part is that the heaviest criticism over Bush come from lucid people who were actually born in America. Maybe they too are nothing but shit, huh?

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All ears
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We all know George is a dumb ass but that's enough now.

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Big 'G' is my hero!

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can v move on...
stupid Dubya jokes r enough now...

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hahaha i like this one

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please no no no more bush adverts! It was an old joke 2 years ago and it's not getting younger or funnier!

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CORRNNNYYY!!! and whats with the type treatment?

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yeh i was thinking that, the art direction sucks.

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GWB is great

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