Rolling Stone: Headbanger

We all are so used to nod.
Time to shake our heads again!
Time for more Rock’n’Roll! RollingStone.

Advertising Agency: Oliver Voss, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Oliver Voss, Till Monshausen
Art Directors: Till Monshausen, Florian Zwinge
Copywriters: Oliver Voss, Florian Zwinge
Illustrators: Klaus Aßmann, Florian Zwinge, Ini Neumann
Photographer: Dominic Rose

January 2012


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Divesh Mehta
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Nicely done

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I only hope this was translated into English only to post here. Clumsy, awful copy across the series. When you shake your head, it means No, the opposite of Nodding Yes. I can't say whether decent copy could rescue the approach, not being a Rolling Stone reader, but I think maybe it might be best kept in German.

Tom Megginson's picture
Tom Megginson
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I agree. Did they really mean "bang your head"?

Even then, the ads obviously don't translate.

jeph's picture
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"Head-banging" is probably the correct sentiment, but I think "nodding" is still the proper translation. Maybe it's alluding - to how generally the middle-class workforce is full of yes-men -- always having to say yes to their bosses, agreeing to do terribly boring things, follow dull ideas, etc. Contrast this with rock-and-roll's penchant for saying "fuck you" to the Man, and you have a pretty interesting visual and behavioral connection.

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very nice illustration

kleenex's picture
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art works for me.

Michaelsmagic's picture
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love the illustration

ignitionspark's picture
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Nice Illustration!

MicheleVirgilio's picture
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very nice art work

Lawson Hembree's picture
Lawson Hembree
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Well done on the art, but the copy has some room for improvement.

olgamarb's picture
70 pencils

Nice use of illustration!


Peter Frank's picture
Peter Frank
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LOVE the art

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