Rolf Benz: Woodpecker

What trees dream about

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Chief Executive Creative Director: Alex Schill
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Harbeck
Creative Director: Alexander Rehm
Art Director: Sophia Puck, Julia Koch
Copywriter: Frank Seiler
Account Executives: Anna Arnert, Sandra Stern

January 2011


kleenex's picture
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Trees dream?!?!?!?!

atb2005's picture
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Yes they do. Lighten up and you will appreciate the humorous angle.

CuriousPencil's picture
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There's no copy on the ads. This could just as well be a suicidal tree praying for an afterlife.

mr.x's picture
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Worst I've seen on aotw. For one, the art direction is disaster, second - saying that trees dream about being coffee tables or chairs is just immoral.

ivan's picture

They would rather fall in the forest and be devoured by ants, worms and other critters naturally?

mr.x's picture
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that is the natural circle of life, yes.

Prof's picture
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please leave

Quite really.

mr.x's picture
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first, tell me why.

ClassicWater's picture
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because this is not: we are painting a picture from a rotten tree and saying hey people look! that is how nature works, trees don't dream and trees are not shaped like lollipops.
where is the advantage in showing the reality maybe showing what could be with some fantasy is more exciting.
and for a tree being a well treated design lovers piece is an upgrading.

It's equal to Mr. x dreaming about looking like a top model. You will need some surgeries, but right now you think that you will have a better live looking like a topmodel. So. you dispel the painful part of this and just dream.

I love it.

mr.x's picture
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What the hell is this. Are you commenting on my looks, really?

Showing that a tree dreams about being a table is stupid. Just like TommyO said "Would you show a cow dreaming about becoming a steak?"

If you think this is creative and exciting, then I don't know what to think of you or your advertising skills.

Ps. If you want something to hang on your wall I'll send you my picture. Just give me your email.

morse's picture
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I really like this campaign. Funny and clean. Well done.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Anonymous Author's picture
Anonymous Author
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The purpose of human existence may be to use up all the resources on the planet.
Nice ad.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

mr.x's picture
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The purpose of human beings is to use up all earths resources and eventually destroy all living things, you really think so?

miko1aj's picture
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nice idea nice art directed. nothing more, nothing less. solid.

NataliaLima's picture
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That trees dream of becoming furniture is a brave thing to say in such an environment friendly time

Yarp's picture
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The purpose of their brief was probably sell furniture, not save the rainforest. That's what probono work is for...for us advertising murders of the earth to make up some karma points. In the meantime, try to enjoy this fresh approach to selling a coffee table for what it is: an ad selling a coffee table.

Glut's picture
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Totally agree with every post of Mr.x.

snowinis's picture
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It's just not appealing to me. I think it's irrelevant and unrealistic.

Accept the fact that trees can dream; I would not ever, in my entirely, believe that they would dream of being a bench so that some random fat ass can sit on them and eventually end up under a huge pile of trash or be incinerated into useless ashes, rather than become nutrition for their younger generations.
Values of human beings and trees are not the same. And not everybody dreams to be a super model.

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I like

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