Rohan: Homes with natural light, 3

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Ajesh N
Copywriters: Anil Thomas, Kunj Shah
Photographer: Rocky Chandy

October 2007


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people prefer homes with more than just a spot of natural light. i think the insight could be more interesting and the result is not blowing... they turned the product benefit into a weakness...

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i agree. this is, again, an ad for ad people.

TexasH's picture
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Woaw! You mean there will be window in my house??!!! NO WAY!
But could i have it bigger? Like in a rectangle average way?

Toro's picture
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Agree with sumsum.

Btw, does an agency really need 3 CDs to achieve this?

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Ed Mintone
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Disagree with sumsum.

They're selling a look, for an otherwise boring product... good job.

Toro's picture
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You're Italian, what do you know about advertising?

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the Pun-isher
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Cool idea

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What is Rohan Mihira

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i am zero
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i am bit confused...
about the light source...

is it the light from that window (natural light)
or somewhere else...

where is the source...
means if it is supposed to be natural light, is it possible to like this on that wall....

even if it is a lens flare, its not conveying the message.
'common walls' was awsome n 'airsupply' was conveying the message.

this is not clear to me, till now, atleast visually,.. insight is good.

Pashya is zero

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Why not use just a good photograph?
Everything look fake because of horrible photoshoping, even the so called natural light!!


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Cool. I like that!
@Adaddicted: The Photo-Style is very clean, but not poor!!!! Same like Architecture Photography! Where is the problem?


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No I didn't like this campaign at all.
1) I want lot of natural light.
2) One of the many graphic ideas in vogue. Wrack your brain budy Wrack your brain.Do some advertising that will
move the decision maker with right action.

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