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Paolo Buatti
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hhahahhahahah it's ridiculous!

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nice one. funny. like it

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Disco Munky
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I don't know if it gives the internet it's innocence back. Still looks pretty creepy.

Funny idea. Not sure it was worth going through with it though.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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Brett Messick
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It hasn't been done as far as an ad, and probably for good reason, but this is a rip-off of a flash animation thats been around for years that does entire series of this kind of thing so making it an ad? Original. Idea? Not even close. Kind of like the new Taco Bell commercial.

Brett Messick

Art Director
All Around Awesome Guy

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Agreed. Also, I have vowed to never step into another taco bell due to their new tv spots. Have you seen the one with the song that goes "79, 89, 99 Aye yai yai!" Rarely does anything make me cringe and angry at the same time. I want to punch everyone that was involved in that abomination.

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Sort of done by Saatchi for 1830.

Quite really.

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Rip-Off...Cannes Lion 2002 for "Club 18-30" They won the Press Grand-Prix dudes...

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sorry but this is not the same

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oh man, 1830.


brings a smile just thinking about it.

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ming the merciless
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Totally different.

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Roger Daly
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In Art direction, yes.

In original thought, not.

If you're going to rip off stuff, rip off the really good stuff! :)

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i dont know if this is very good or realy realy bad but it makes me laugh

(and this has nothing to do with the club 18-30 thing
it's the complete opposite)

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This kind of porn blocking has been floating around the internet for years. Originality = zero.


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:) Goodd!
India at Cannes'08

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Here the source of inspiration. Seen for 2 months on

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yep. i've seen those years ago. i HATE it when no talent chumps piggy back on someone else's idea. Just because it wasn't an ad before doesn't mean it's ok for you to take it and turn it into "your" ad.

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ming the merciless
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All advertising borrows from various types of inspiration. If someone is clever enough to adapt it in a way that sells or promotes a product then good on them.

Ps. Pretty unoriginal photo you got there...ripped off the Interent

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I guess you're not familiar with the creative process. You're suppose to take bits of inspiration here and there and create something "new", not attach a logo to something that already exists and call it your own. When you have a photo like this, it's not hard to connect the dots and come up with a relevant client.

PS - I like the picture, so what? I'm not showcasing it in my book. By your messed up logic, all my clothing better not be designed by someone else neither, right?

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ming the merciless
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Good on ya mate, I'm pretty new to this and don't really understand the creative process.

And you're right about the photo - for all I know you are that cat. Cute.

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Sure??? Are you Sure??????? Is THAT an AD?

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This one is so old. seen the graphics on the internet 3 weeks ago.
lame idea s&j!

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Neil Levy
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brett, i vote you have the single best tag i've ever read on these boards. that is some funny stuff.

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I think this is more sick thant the original picture hahaha

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F..k off...........

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poor one. Can be done better.

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shortlist cannes, silver NY Festivals... :S

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Absolut M
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Que capo!!!

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Roger Daly
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Command C.
Command V.

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I've seen this on the net before, ripped or not, it works for the client.
However,,,I'd do something about that type and logo.

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And what about the e-vite for the Diesel party, they post a video time ago using this same technique. Just wanted to add something more to the comments. Greetings to all of you.

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Paolo Buatti
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hhahahhahahah it's ridiculous!