Rodney District Council: Rugby

Seatbelts keep people together.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Art Director: John Koay
Copywriter: Veronica Copestake
Retouching: Nick Smith
Photographer: Simeon Patience
Account Director: James Pohill


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R. Rinaldi
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Could have been a nice idea but ....

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i don't care if this is creative or not, done before or not and whether or not the artdirection is at the highest level
it makes me feel cold and uncomfortable

this actually does make me use a seatbelt
fuck awards, these win lives.

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Liked it.


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Check this out....

From Calgary a few years back.

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I agree with sideshow. MADD's version is much more shocking. It has "balls" and works better.

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andré ™
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This art diretion is much better and simpler...

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Great campaign. Gonna win awards.
I prefer this to the MADD one.

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I agree!

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it doesn't really matter if you prefer this art direction. the fact that it has already done makes this unoriginal. and unoriginal work doesn't deserve awards.

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Guys, this exact same idea was done by Y&R Auckland in 2002 for Waitakere regional council.
Plus, it won a bronze lion in 2002 for the TV extension of the idea that had a family in a picture, and one of them crashes forward into the frame. The creatives were Dan Moth, Regan Grafton & Vaughn Davis. Check the annuals next time.

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I agree with moo on this. I saw it in an old annual several years back. I'll let you know when I find it in the store and dust it off.

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I think I've seen a campaign with same sort of insight on this site some months ago. Somebody knows what I'm referring to? (it's not the one with the lady coming out of the frame) I thought it had persons erased from the pictures... I can't remember completely, neither if it was also about wearing seatbelts...

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