Rodney District Council: Dream, 3

Stop. Sleep. Survive.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Art Director: Matt Swinburne
Copywriter: Helen Steemson
Illustrators: Terence Tsang, Dede Putra, Max Thompson
Graphic Designers: Nick Smith, Dan Liao
Via: elmaaltshift


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seems like the driver is doing just fine, it's the oncoming truck that's in the wrong lane.

and boring dreams by the way. where's the nudity, and the talking trees?

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They are out of stock! 8 )


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Yes, and if the driver falls asleep, he won't see the truck in the wrong lane and will die all the same. The message stands.

askon's picture
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Man you kids are lacking knowledge...

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

capobvious's picture
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y'all take yourselves too seriously.

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Bundy Agency
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what side of the road do new zulundars drive on again,
oh thats right the luft

djakuza's picture
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it's new zealand, they're driving on the left side, so it's ok, but i don't like the ads anyway, don't like the art direction. But i like the line stop.sleep.survive.

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I like these ads. The mood is really effective. Good job.

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And just because the agency is in New Zealand does not mean the advertising was placed in New Zealand.

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idea is ok, execution is bad.

corporal_hicks's picture
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Maybe the truck driver is asleep too, so he can change his side:)

teemitter's picture
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evidence enuf that "musterbating" for months at end, may end in this dismal nothingness

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