Rockford: Indicator, Snowy mountain

Improve your life indicators
RKF Rockford Sportswear Stores

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Art Director / Copywriter: Ignacio Besnier
Agency Producer: Constanza Valdes
Account manager: Jorge Pimstein


pierrelastname's picture
2869 pencils

boring.... trying to get cannes with fake ads... that not good.

v0the0kwc's picture
141 pencils

Indeed a nonsense ad...

TommyO's picture
1866 pencils

No, no, no. The whole series.

TKoD's picture
103 pencils

BDDP&FILS for Les Echos several years ago... and the idea was clean.

headoffice Communication's picture
headoffice Comm...
179 pencils

good for tourist magazine ad.

Dzsoi's picture
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So simple, so creative, so Cannes! Not.

Shadow Ops's picture
Shadow Ops
150 pencils

Wasn't something done like this for timberland? out campaign maybe? In any event..seen it before and done for another outerwear company...whoops.

Let's keep advertising fun

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
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@ Shadow Ops,

You are correct: The Martin Agency, in Richmond, Virginia, did a similar campaign for Timberland that had a bit more life to it.

It was featured in the Communication Arts Advertising Annual. From what year, I can't recall. But it was approximately five years ago.

fabiomarquesf's picture
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In despite of all the negative critics I think this campaign is awesome.

gbl's picture
451 pencils

I like it too. Well done.

Guest's picture

Timberland did this campaign, much better, back in the freakin 90's. Come on people, do your homework and push your limits.

prs's picture
210 pencils

at first i didn't liked it except the picture, then i watched the whole series and still i don't like it.

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dollypoppin's picture
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I don't know, but something's wrong with this.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
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Stock artwork = Stock advert!

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