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A band won that prize because they all smoked 100 cigarettes... at once?

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The concept is obviously showing the after effects of a great live gig. It's a well-known fact that concert goers will light their lighters and hold them above their heads during great performances. This lighter is empty, meaning it was used loads for this reason. It's got nothing at all to do with smoking, unless I'm way off base, which I doubt.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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i didn't see the empty lighter, i saw just a lighter.
that's confusing, because maybe it's full but the liquid is transparent, you know what i mean?... anyway the icon is ok but it's kinda boring.

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Don Draper
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I didn't get it until I read wearmysocks comments. I love it! (And I'm not saying that because I'm an avid smoker). Smart, funny, clean and simple. The best of the three.

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thri mah dematae
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Cmon!, I think its really easy to get. Nice One.

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mmm i dont think this example is strong. because you cant overuse this lighters... the metal thingy on top gets hot and you burn your finger. the ultimate concert ligther has always been zippo.

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just hold down the dark plastic part that keeps the gas flowing, no need to touch the metal parts.

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if you're going to use rock concert cliches, you should at least present them in a more interesting way. these do nothing for me.

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i don't know if nowadays people still use lighters in concerts, i've been in a few in these last months and i haven't seen that anymore, i remember lighters in the Michael Jackson Tour in the 90's.

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super calibara
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Just ignite and things will fall into place.

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I got it. Really good for the target audience; still I worry if it's too far, but that's just me not knowing how much people know what this is alluding to.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Forced too much but nice idea

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Too far fetched

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i thought the idea was for people to get the message without having to read wearmysocks explanation?

good idea, just needed more on the execution

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