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This message is kind of off. One of those factors alone makes it unwise to drive, let alone a mix of all 4. It sounds like it's advocating not mixing these together, rather than not driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol OR fatigue. Perhaps something was lost in the translation, though.

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I'm afraid nothing was lost in the translation. Your interpretation is spot on. This ad is so litteral and the message is ridiculous. So your friend will be okay to drive if they just drink then? Oh, so no mixing the alcohol and drugs! One or the other is fine. Take note people!

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You become one of the X-Men?

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oh sweet! count me in!

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i knew it. the right mix of speed, alcohol, marijuana and fatigue turns you into wolverine.

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i have to try this tonight.
the moon will be full.

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3 drugs in one night??!! A normal person should not be able to walk!
It made want a good glass o Scotch. I just cant wait to 6 o clock!

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actually it's 2 drugs (unless you include fatigue as a drug). by "speed" (vitesse) they mean the rate of motion, not the drug.

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Maybe if you drive under the influence of marijuana and alcohol you got a good mix because alcohol makes you drive fast and marijuana makes you drive slow. If you mix em' together you'll drive at the correct velocity just don't mix speed and fatigue though.

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....its not persuasive at alll in fact i want to get high tonight and get like that monster...

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Simple fix:

With speed, alcohol, marijuana or fatigue, you’re no longer yourself on the road.

Need a copywriter? Call me.

1. emotion + insight + debunking category = Ad

2. Fresh strategy + vivid execution = Award

3. Idea + Co-opting culture = Brand Momentum

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