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what the hell is going on here?!

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trans galactic
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ddddddddduh mikelite,the house made of Lafarge is so strong that the road had to bifurcate.

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Hmm so there were more houses here before the road has been built? Why the forest then?

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It took me some time to get it, cool thought.

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trans galactic
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more houses?.......ya well,one is still visible(top right hand corner).........presenc/absence of forest is irrelevant.

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good thought.

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it is broccoli instead of the forest:)

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i think your all taking this far too literally and seriously. its meant to be a simple message, and it is. who cares about how the forest got there. or what was there before? simple fact is, that house couldn't be moved cos of the buzzin concrete!

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SO THE cement can be formed into odd shapes around homes?

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