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I really like the line for it communicates the old problem in a fresh way. This visual is much more subtle than the other one which makes it even better.

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done before IN BRAZIL, year 2000.
is EXACTLY the same AND IDEA.
the original line does not have "My son", just "Son", the rest of the line is the same.

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andrej dwin
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guess it should feel simple and straightforward and emotional, probably. but to me it's just none of that. won't move me a bit, because it's the same idea I've been listening to from all sorts of visionaries, media etc. for years.

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david webb

I saw the link submitted by "sold". What's going on here? I don't understand portuguese, but seems to me the linked one is a crap.

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"What, the curtains?"

(couldn't help the Monty Python reference. Sorry.)

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wh doesn't daddy takes care of it allready.
instead of wating till it is my turn,
to clean up his shit???

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I was waiting for the Monty Python reference.

But I don't want huge tracts of lands.

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