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nice gaijin
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It'd be nice if there were a second level of information; some sort of visual that becomes evident when you pull away from the piece. This is just boring.

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...boring, but it's right between the eyes. It makes you think.
Everyone risks getting breast cancer.
So it's a great ad in my opinion.
Keeping it 'simple' is keeping the message clear, so no need for an 'extra' layer (again in my humble opinion ;-))

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Dalbir Singh
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Nice try. Though not in a million years would i go through the copy and the ad on it's own falls flat.

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Isn't this a continuation of another ad with shorter copy?


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+guess that's the point. To make you think there are a million reasons to get breast cancer, and regardles of whether you read it or not,(more often than not i believe people wouldn't go through it), the final take is that it is pointless trying to avoid one cause or the other-Only early detection actually works. Kind of simple.

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99% of readers will skip a major portion of the ad.

It would make sense to have the email id bold and big... ....or even better put it separately.

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61 to 69 year olds are safe.

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Once you finish reading it, you got cancer. Better thought, instead of reading go to the hospital and check yourself, just in case. Yeah, it works!! ¿?¿?

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and the payoff is....?

wasn't there something some time ago with finding the word "cancer" is long tonal copy that most probably won something somewhere cause it was brilliant.

... its already been done...

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"wasn't there something some time ago with finding the word "cancer" is long tonal copy that most probably won something somewhere cause it was brilliant."

I thought the same. although I don't remember who did it i'm sure it's been done before.

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does anybody know when this was published?

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Brainchild Theories
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This tells me there is no hope for ANYONE.

Something so serious needs to be more positive with a proactive approach. Everyone already has this simple message drilled into their brain since the 90s. Okay what now? when are you going to fix the real problem? This was an opportunity to educate an audience and it was wasted on this text.

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