Rinogutt: Breathe deeply again, 1

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi, Sandro Esposti
Deputy Creative Directors: Luca Pannese, Luca Lorenzini
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli
Post production: Artout

April, 2010


davitma's picture
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could not really get what is the idea behind this?

rawaa's picture
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i really dont get it!

crashandburn's picture
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in my opinion, this is some kind of medicine to help us breathing or something. in this picture, it tells that because this guy could breathe easily again, he could even got the bell from the house (that little one in the left) while he breathes. the other picture shows that he also got, idk, the machine maybe from the plane & the ship. well, thats all i could catch :/

NIke's picture
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It's a nasal spray.

esteb's picture
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How does a bell smell?
Don't get.

alvinivanicko's picture
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I do not get it. scammmm

NIke's picture
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They're talking about "breathe". Why are you talking about "smell"?

esteb's picture
673 pencils

Because, differently from you, we haven't done it.

Enzogol's picture
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I don´t get it. It´s just art direction without direction.

premc's picture
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coool stuff!! 8/10


whatthefudge's picture
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I can't believe it... I've just survived an air plane turbine and a gigantic ship propeller crashing down on my head, and now somebody throws a frickin' church bell right in my face? Why?

Blashyrkh's picture
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This one fails after seeing a propeller and a turbine. The bell has no relation with breathing.

Itsmrme's picture
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The shadow on the product is all wrong. Why smell bells? Why not the things you long to smell, things you can eat, followers being delivered etc.

Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
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Rinogutt comes with the suit, i guess. The guy wears suit on the 3 ads.

Besides, i think that if you breathe, and a giant bell comes right at your head, it would tear it apart right away.

I know its called "advertising", but come on, theres gotta be common sense too.

Mickrock's picture
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You don't get it????
The gentleman can breathe so well after using the product that the suction caused by his deep nasal intake sucked the bell right off the church.
This is advertising and yes... it is fantasy. Read the copy... there's the clue.
Not much of advertising is based on reality. That's kinda the point.
Advertising would have died a long time ago if ya can't tell fibs.

Watch 'the Invention of Lying' with Ricky Gervais.

Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
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I do get it. Its easy to understand. but i think its WAY over the top. I just dont like it but its just my opinion

AssassinX's picture
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I simply dont like all these 3.

I specially dont understand this one, is it an Italian metaphor or something?

artbum's picture
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brilliant. Don't understand these? Really? He's breathing so deeply that he inhaled the bell from that church in the distance, the jet engine from that jet in the sky, and the propeller from that ship in the water, far, f a r , a - w a y.

these are great.

artbum's picture
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ok, maybe the confusion came from the two objects that seem to have something to do with air; the propeller and the jet engine. So, you guys thought it was some kind of metaphor for intense breathing, but they're not. In that case, all three should've been objects like the bell which have absolutely nothing to do with air. This way, it only says he is breathing so deeply that he's inhaling heavy shit from really far away.

they're still freaking great.

Guest's picture

I get the idea but it really took me awhile to understand it, but once you do its a really nice concept. Maybe you might have to enforce it a bit better, aesthetic and many other design elements are visible and its a really nice ad to look at so good job but really try and push that concept some how. (Its a nasal spray ad and once he takes it, its so strong that be pull stuff towards him when he breathes in, hence the connection with the item and the background.)

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Take a moment to get it, and it made me to separate between breathe and smell.

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salvador dali will like this

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