Right To Play: Philippines

Cannes Lions 2007 Young creatives winner.

Right To Play is an international humanitarian organisation committed to improving the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. It uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to promote development, peace and health. The aim of the brief was to create awareness, educate and inform the public about the charity Right To Play and their work in using sport for peace worldwide.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Manila, Malaysia
Art Director: Carmela Valerie Advincula
Copywriter: Mignon Wilhelma Tobias


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I think this is better than golden one.

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What? i don't get it!

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What the hell are they playing??

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Gotta say had to read the explanation text on these to make any sense of the product. Do like the concept and look of these, but message getting lost in the mix, particurarly this one. Could be an Ad for Time magazine. Kids running holding a football or something maybe, or possibly a football or kids toy abandoned in the middle of the war zone. The soccer ball one works best, constructive and clear. Viewed the bullet hole one first and thought it was for Playstation or sommet.
Where do starving kids get the loot to buy bazookas and rocket launchers anyway?

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ancho mucho
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yeh this is better than the gold one

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