Right To Play: Australia

Cannes Lions 2007 Young creatives winner.

Right To Play is an international humanitarian organisation committed to improving the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. It uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to promote development, peace and health. The aim of the brief was to create awareness, educate and inform the public about the charity Right To Play and their work in using sport for peace worldwide.

Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
Art Director: Justin Carew
Copywriter: Enrique Ignacio Rodriguez


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Very nice work, all of them...but i gotta say - this one is the best of the lot

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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I agree! I like a lot.

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Very good one. I prefer previous, but this one i find also better than golden.

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Very good.

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see now this one works quite well.


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nice work :)
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This one is the best of 3.

Lack of shadow in the bottom of the ball.

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I agree with truecopy. This one is the best of the lot.

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The best of the lot. The visual, unlike the other entries, isn't contrived - it depicts the reality of where these children live without going too far. And most importantly the message comes across clearly. It would do its job even as a scamp. Congrats boys.

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I am afraid its a rip off of what umbro did a few years a go. It won D&AD awards this has just taken that idea and replicated it.

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