Riffel: Ghost Motorcycle

High security motowear

Advertising Agency: DCS, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Grace Meurer, Roberto Callage
Art Directors: João Pedro Vargas, Fabrício Pretto
Illustrator: Meca
Photographer: Save the Image


charlottebree's picture
84 pencils

Like the motor going to heaven thingie. For the rest of it its crap in my opinion.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

The whole thing reeks.

il nekro's picture
il nekro
74 pencils

show some respect, sh*t head (?)

purshotham's picture
455 pencils

Good ad in funny manner...right on target..

agappehp's picture
108 pencils

Verry good idea and execution. i like.

shekhar zinge's picture
shekhar zinge
149 pencils

riders would love to have a product like that, nice

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jjf's picture
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Hahaha nice. The motor's going to heaven instead of the driver, good idea.

Beamen's picture
227 pencils

I'm a biker boy (waow, good for me you think right now) and the ad does speak to me. Then I think it's a good one.

But a straight road? Seriously? The same with damaged roards or curbs, yeah!

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