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A nice illustration doesnt make a nice ad.

Im getting tired of poor ideas trying to be rescued by illustrators.

The "HIV POSITIVE" is tasteless to me.

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♥ get lost ad f...
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some might detect some subliminal homophobia on this one...
fact is, it's totally unnecessary to put HIV POSITIVE on the medical record.

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chintan ruparel
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somehow, the setting reminds me of this: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/mortein_ant

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Olvidaron la cruz esvástica.

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this is good...ja?!?

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yeah, the HIV is really cringe-worthy.

and after a second look, they ARE saying he's gay. notice the "leather men" outfits in the picture. that's brutal.

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The worst of the series.

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Good God this is bad. Do these guys not know that "HIV" stands for "human immunodeficiency virus"? That's HUMAN, not fly. Plus this confused ad throws in horribly bigotted allusions of gayness? And why show him holding the can? Do you hold a spent plutonium rod in bed with you when you have radiation poisoning? And what - the cans are fly-sized now? If done properly this _could_ work, since the illustration is pretty nice, but this is CRAP from a directional point of view.

What do I get from this ad? Either these tiny cans of insecticide (which I can't use 'cause they're so small) only work on gay flies, or the cans actually spray flies with tainted blood that shouldn't really affect them.

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Steve Hall

We may be reading way too much into this. All I think this ad is saying is certain insects carry HIV and this bug spray will kill the bugs thereby reducing HIV in humans. I could be wrong.

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Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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yea. i would not have released this ad

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My respects for bubblestheclownfish... Good commentary on the work, though I did not understand few techy details...

Anyways... I liked the ad, connecting the fly... Aids moves through blood and the fly living on blood, falls victim... Good thought there!!

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Wow, this ad plays into quite a few ignorant clichés about HIV . Firstly, it indicates that the fly is gay, so therefore has HIV. Secondly HIV is not what kills you. As AIDS activists will tell you, HIV is not a death sentence - only when you have full blown AIDS do you need to worry. Lastly, I worry when people comment that HIV can be transmitted by bugs. It can't.

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This is the most homophobic ad ever.

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wah!! best2... sangat cantik dan kelakar ler huhu^^

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Las ilustras muy lindas. Pero se fueron al carajo con lo del HIV, no hacia falta para nada, salvo que quieran crear controversia con ello.

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pretty ad

so so idea.

my fly can do better


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Indeed, good illustration, not the best execution, and I do not see the HIV association to it and find it insulting to certain demographics

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Indeed, good illustration, not the best execution, and I do not see the HIV association to it and find it insulting to certain demographics

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can i know more about this ad?
i would like to know is there any places that this series of ads was be published on?
which media??

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