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Reality Check
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It's not clear what this campaign is driving at, but the creative team makes the weirdness visually arresting.

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The execution matches the tagline. Very funny and cute illustration. However, the tagline is not clear.

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Nike Diesel
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So why give it 8 pts?

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rajib kabir
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it's difficult to understand

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It's not the usual havaianas, that's why they're are unpredictable,
Maybe the havaianas feel different when you wear them...
The problem is that the ad works directly with the concept of "unpredictable" and not with the product and its benefits.
There's not union between the product and the concept, that's why it's not clear enough, and that's really bad
Nice illustrations though.

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I think it works. It's selling more of a lifestyle rather than the product attributes. Havaianas does just the same thing - their ads are very abstract and appears to the more vain kind of audience. This one targets the casual, random and humorous type.



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you got a point there...
but it works better when your product is known first... that's why it works in havianas
but here a lot of people say "what?",
and that's because they not used to the comunication of this brand...
Don't you think that something's wrong?
This kind of ads don't work on unknown brands... That's why Havaianas and big brands can do it
But here... better focus on what your product it's about and what makes you different for your competence...
This ad is a waste of efforts.
(sorry for my bad english)

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Whats da concept?

State of Art

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Absolutely non sense.
A kind o ad that doesn't sells any benefits and a kind of concept that doesn't says anything relevant.

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what? Why this ad is here?

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i like it.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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Ed Rapport
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I totally get the concept, great illustration just remove the shoe.. The shoe does not fit the tagline and visual

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