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Can anyone give the number of campaigns done in such a style? Hmmmm

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The style is old but I like the thought. It is normally your bad ass kids who box and dn't obey school rules.

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i totally disagree my little brother is a good student at school and he took up boxing to give him a focus in life and something to do so he wouldnt be hanging around the streets. he now trains 7 days a week and hasnt lost a fight yet so he is doing really well and we are all very proud of him, so no boxing isnt just for kids who dont obey the rules

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Ndukwe Onuoha
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it's a play on words guys. they encourage skipping (with a rope)...get it?

Big ideas are often small

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The line packs a punch! Good stuff.

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trans galactic
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y would it mean skipping (with a rope)?............i thought it was skipping as in bunking........Ivan,where are you?..........

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ink slinger
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There is a pun in the line if you notice. skipping here means both, skipping classes and skipping ropes (which is very crucial to be fit in a sport like boxing)

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Thanks! That's correct. Btw, I love the art.

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Tero Ylitalo
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Awesome work, where all the ads are great both individually and as a whole campaign. Great punch line, eh? ;)

"Pastes like shit."

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Like it. Good copy and it avoids using boxers, boxing gloves and all the usual you'd associate with this kind of ad.

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The one nice thing about puns is all art directors use the word incorrectly. This is a nice ad and I like it. It's got a humorous thought and if it looks like some f@#$ing Cuban ad before it it makes no different. My quetion to this site is "stop being so harsh", you should all be so original and when you do the t5ooth fairy will reward you for being real. Till then stop saying It's been done! Cos you couldn't do any better!

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Easy bud. Seems like someone is a little bitter. And if you think there aren't people on this site who actually CAN do better than this mediocre campaign, you're surely delusional too.

"...all art directors use the world incorrectly." - All art directors will understand when I say this, "F@cking writers..."

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Yep, usually boxeurs, kickboxers and muay-thai practitioners skip a lot. It's important to improve their reflexes and crucial for better results in feet work. Skip awaaay!

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