Rhythm House: LadyGaga Voodoo

Online Piracy is killing your favourite artist.

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
National Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Directors: Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director: Siddesh Telang
Copywriter: Tejas Ravindranath
Additional credits: Madhukar Bonkar, Danica D’souza (Doll Artists)

October, 2016


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Marta Ibarrondo
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cool visuals.

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I'd have a hard time getting Lady Gaga from this one - her style is so bat shit crazy that it makes recognizing her "look" difficult at this point. Love the concept though!

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Again: The business of model of having suits at the label companies (who earn more than the ones creating the music) that tie up the artists to ridiculous deals and payment schemes and the physical distribution of music through monopolistic chains of stores are killing the artists. Long live the torrents!

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no matter, good for advertising and business

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Video analytics company Visible Measures - the one we work with to put out our monthly top 10 webisodes chart - curates a list of video called the "100 Million Club."

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speaking of piracy, are you guys paying these artistes to use their personas in your ads? ironic if you aren't.

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if this didn´t say "lady gaga" nor "voodoo" on the top I wouldn`t understand it

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Good art.

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I am pretty certain at least one of those involved in the making of these ads sees/hears pirated audio/video files regularly. :D

Piracy can't be rooted out by ads. Harsh truth, but true. Only tracking the ips, blocking torrents will be a deterrent of any sort. That too, only in select countries.

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really good art!

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Don't know how people from same country, same city can copy same idea!!!!!!!!!!!

At 1st place, one can see its scam. secondly killing idea is copied.!!!

Agency from mumbai, makani creatives have done it for Big Flix Movie Rental.

sorry but that's the fact, copy cats!!

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ek kanya
814 pencils

i would liek to see the bigflix movie rentals by Makani Creatives. Can you post a link?

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creativeye's picture
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kanya, its thr this same site! go to country india and u'll find it ...

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