Rhythm House: Kiss Voodoo

Online Piracy is killing your favourite artist.

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
National Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Directors: Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director: Siddesh Telang
Copywriter: Tejas Ravindranath
Additional credits: Madhukar Bonkar, Danica D’souza (Doll Artists)
Published: October, 2009


vrginie's picture
154 pencils

I like the idea but not the art

alejulimaty's picture
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I agree, the background is just confusing, I wouldn`t understand it`s voodoo

lucdesaulniers's picture
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Hum, did they paid royalties on the use of the artist's image? I am doubtful. Then this is also copyright infringement and some sort of piracy. Cynical...

xcreativity's picture
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i like the art but not the idea

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pepsiice's picture
253 pencils

I just don't like the cursors

simge's picture
4 pencils

i like it

Blashyrkh's picture
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My favorite artist has been killed by a gun.

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