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Ah..same background everytime!!? Even the car in that garage is same all the time! Looks like they Hired those 4 diff vehicles, went to the spot...and then Click--next-- Click--Next-Click........ Am I missing something?
The idea is almost there...donno how but think..could have been better. :-\

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I think the point is they are supposed to all be the same house. The (I'm assuming) woman of the house has her mix pack of condoms for all of her different visitors. One kind for the mail carrier, one kind for the pizza guy, another for the plumber and so on. But I don't think it would work as well unless the ads are placed together in a publication.

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Mtl Dave
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Yes, that's it. I still like the concept and layout even if I'm not sure everyone's going to get it quickly.

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JLathrop, Mtl Dave....I guess everyone will get the concept...the point is not that. The point is how strong the concept is.
To me since they are showing the same House and at the same time of the day...may be it would have been much funnier if all the vehicles were parked outside the house together. :-)
Put the vehicles from al the ads into one execution.... The Mix Pack . ;-) . :-| ( that was just my opinion ).
But I also kinda like the story here....Just thought it had more potentials.... :-\


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Nice concept but I really think that most people will only get it when they see the ads next to one another.

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I agree with you. The repetition helps the campaign by establishing that the women needs a six pack.

It's not a bad idea, but just like ads for martial arts schools, it's tough to get excited about yet another condom ad.

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Okay we get it, the chick who lives in that house is a slut. *yawn*

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Of course shes a slut, thats the point, but shes a responsible slut ;)

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creo q es una casa de putas!!!

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