Return To Good, 1

September 2007

When the Calistoga Beverage Company decided to launch a new line of water and sparkling juices, we produced an outdoor campaign that reflected the pure goodness of the northern California brand. We think of it as a rebellion against the artificial and a Return To Good.

It's less lemonade and more lemonatural.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Dialog, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Katie Hopkins
Typography: M & H Type
Photographer: Marshall Gordon
Production: Christopher Nelson
Digital Retouching: Pacific Digital Image

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Evian's "Waterboy" advert was awesome.

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amanda huges-watkins (th copywriter) needs to take a walk in the park

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Oh come on, this is obviously a client driven campaign. You can't hate the creative team for how it turned out. The CD maybe. Plus, it's about water when's the last time you thought a water ad was awesome?

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If it is "client driven" then it is probably not something you are proud of, so why put it on this site?

As for awesome water ads - I'd have to give it to Evian on the bottom of a pool, under a flight path near Heathrow.

This is best example i could find (didn't look very hard)

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Evian's "Waterboy" advert was awesome.

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PDI digital retouching? You're kidding. Well, maybe there is another PDI...