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lolz.. good one.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Ney Frances
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is it a story board?

is there life before death?

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Interesting. It might not be that interesting if it was a TV spot. I like this approach.
(not mentioning it's a lot cheaper for the client...)

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that's why you should always wear glasses at the restaurant.

according to the style these ads seem to be targeting 15 year old boys

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When you have to say your ad is cool, it probably isn't

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Hahahaha...pure rip-off and 100% copy of one of Indian TV ad for same product!!! Its seems like a storyboard of that TVC....one request to all ad brains please do look once indian ads before you crack any idea, we might have done it before you do!

Salam Namaste!!!

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it doesn´t really get me. maybe ´cause I live in a latin macho country and this is no discovery.

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