Responsible Young Drivers: Joint

Your driver's licence. Your grey cells. Your life. Amazing what you can loose by smoking a simple joint.

Advertising Agency: AB, Waregem, Belgium
Creative Director: Piet Coucke
Art Director: Mike Bral
Copywriter: Marc Pauwels
Photographer: Efie Degrande
Published: November 2008


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when i sow it i want to smoke ... the text sucks ..

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your English sucks!

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wait a second, doesn't belgium use credit-card style drivers licenses like the rest of the european union since 1997?

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no we don't... yet our ID card is. In fact I think we were the fist country worldwide with that ;)

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I'm not sure it works. What relation between smoking and the driver's licence?

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You often comment something without thinking little bit on the subject. It's not about smoking. It's about smoking dope.

I think this ad would work better without this pretentious headline.

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u often comment without READING the ad. it does write "smoking a simple joint" and if u fail to see what smoking a "simple joint" has to do with driving well...well i hope u dont drive....

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agreed. izmild is known around here for not making really insighful comments... i do not find the ad really good however, the concept is maybe not too bad but the art work is really not good. i dont think anyone can argue about that.

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Smoke a complex joint and all's well!

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You can't die from smoking marijuana …

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what, is it a big thing to smoke and drive in belgium?
is it like drink driving over there or something?
i think this ad sends the wrong message across. It's trying to focus emphasis that the joint is the key in ruining your life. it is as if to say a joint is that harmless. it's not the joint that does the harm, it's the person who makes bad decisions.
a simple stroll across the street could cost you your life.
it's just smears and blurs education about marijuana or any drugs for that matter. it represents the way society uses fear instead of understanding to get the point across. instead of governments and other authorities being honest and open about scientific study and trying to promote understanding of certain harms they try and make things look far worse in order to try and control a situation.
like in australia now they've turned around after how long and said oh drinking more than 4 drinks on any single occasion can "sharply" increase health risks. and this isn't to help people this is to try and stop binge drinking. they'll say anything just to try and stop something. it just depends on how smart people are to see through their scare tactics.
and i know this ad isn't as bad. but it's the way they say things. it's they way they single out one thing like a "simple joint" and make it look like the bad guy. like it's causing the problem. a joints a joint. it's not going to ruin our life. what is going to ruin your life is making poor decisions.
it's people not the drugs.
my two cents there

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