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Really nice art direction on these, good concept too. Very nice.

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Nice series. Like art direction, especially the photo.

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easy tiger
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oh shut up all of you .... this is rubbish ...

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oh shut up you too, realy nice thought or art direction.

look in her eye there is light or camera,

"smart"(i am)

*Flood of art

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No it isn't rubbish. Explain yourself Easy Tiger, deconstruct it and tell us why it's rubbish, or like the man says, 'shut up'.

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Sorry, I don't like these much. Clever angle I guess, but not all the images chosen are exactly "cliches" first off. The elastigirl thing was only done once in The Incredibles (albeit based on Mr Fantastic).

I dunno, that's not really my main problem. I find them visually gross. I don't like the artwork much, makes me not want to look at them. Sure, I get the similarity with irritations on your body, but maybe there was a more visually appealing way to do this?

Just my two cents.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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I agree. connecting this message to physical pain or irritation is bit hard. especially 'the eye' is hurtful to watch. I like the concept of the non-physical irritation such as 'elastigirl'.
this way they could get to a field of entertainment which is what movies should be. even without H'wood cliche's.

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good comment even if i do not agree completelly.
it's true that the chosen cliches are not soo hollywood's cliche, but i find the concept very interesting and the art work very nice.
very good photos, very nice ad.

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Very nice........!


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The Incredibles? Oh boy, look out! There's something flying really high over your head?

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How exactly are these clichés? I assume he answer must be dangling right ini front of my eyes, but I don't see it...

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these are great, i want to learn more about the product now. nice!

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They're cliches from films, the girl dangling over a cliff by one hand is an obvious one, it's been in loads of films.

Don't be down on these, they're great ads.

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this visual works the best

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"This "don't let go" cliche ist as annoying as something in your eye."?
Come on! I had to look through every ad to be sure about the message. It is a nice and funny idea, but those are terrible ads. WAY to hard to get. But i agree, perhaps they just chose the wrong cliches.

Besides, my first thought was "a sad thing, that makes you cry" on this one, which confused me completely after reading the line