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I guess the retouching works, but it's distracting to me.

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I didn't get the idea....but the photoshop work is awesome!!!

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no entiendo

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maybe i'm missing the boat, but this seems to be about the consistent quality of the Repsol racing team. i'm just not sure how well Russian Matryoshka dolls say this. seems forced. like the idea was forced to fit the visual.

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how creepy. seems like a nice concept that got totally lost in the way.

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if you like the world motorcycling championship you can recognize the famous pilots on the history of Repsol Honda Team. The last one is Dani Pedrosa, the one in the left. They are using the example of the russian dolls.. don't remember their name.. mamuskas?? they come one inside the other.. i think is confusing too.. i mena... why the russian dolls?

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