Reporters Without Borders: Goooal

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Advertising Agency: McCann, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Director: Bill Biancolli
Senior Art Director: David Morales
Senior Copywriter: Philipp Gloyer

September, 2012


mercedes's picture
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Do you guys think that the world is full of morons not to even distinguish between a suffering and soccer (goooal)? Well, am not even complaining about the typo error, but as a concept itself, this ad sucks. At least you guys should've kept the word 'goooal' alone, and nothing else. Then, it might've worked. Or rather, it might not have looked ridiculous at least.

certaintly's picture
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actually, the word 'gooal' is what made me think he might be celebrating a goal.

so, it wasnt the lack of information, rather the information you chose to give that made me think that.

bate_palmas's picture
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Yes, a boy screaming in terror as a massive fire rages behind him really says 'time to celebrate'.

shortafella's picture
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concept is ok, but the images don't look at all what they should.

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