Reporters Without Borders: Fashion

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Advertising Agency: McCann, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Director: Bill Biancolli
Senior Art Director: David Morales
Senior Copywriter: Philipp Gloyer

September 2012


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Siddarth Basavaraj
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IT WORKS. But what's this' YOU COULD YOU THINK ' ?! A typo error??

Love creating ads..

mercedes's picture
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Besides the typo error, only this ad alone works. The rest doesn't work at all. Do these guys think that the world is full of morons not to even distinguish between a suffering and soccer (goooal), barbeque and bomb blast, bomb blast and fireworks?

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i agree with you in your other post that these could work soooo much better, be soooo much more powerful with just the words "goal, barbecue, fashion" and a different closing line/explanation

hillmarky's picture
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The writing is totally off.
Just making the headline something like: "We even cover fashion" is better.

thatcopyguy's picture
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But that's a totally different idea.

I think the thought is there, but the line needed a tad bit more crafting. But overall, still works for me. Good, but not great.

bate_palmas's picture
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Yeah I suppose you're right. The idea could work, but the visuals need to be handled very carefully to make an idea like this work. This is the only one that comes close

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