Reno Motels: Hollywood

During your stay in our establishment, you might see huge stars like Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton. We offer a wide selection of XXX movies.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Honduras
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sebastian Coronas
Art Directors: Tania Erazo
Photographer: Tania Erazo
Other additional credits: Mariel Rendon, Kristy Ardon, Douglas Laitano

March, 2008


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the lines are a bit shitty... but i like the look of all

fifilo's picture
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I like it.

CGilb09's picture
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Ew, I would never stay at this makes it sound like prostitutes would be coming in and out nonstop.

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Wow, that is dumb. What a horrible USP for a hotel.

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I like the idea of the ads, hands down great idea. I think however they could of put a little more love into the production, better pictures, etc. The biggest thing of all my pet peeve… they didn’t put their contact info on the ad anywhere never mind their website!

All in all nice ad but needs a little help.


Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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Sure come stay here -----trust us we cleaned the sheets.

who would stay at a place like this? it says sleezzzy ---- cheesssy

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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I hear what you're saying Creativeheart but in South America these motels are BIG. I've been to Brasil before and experienced first hand, its kind of the norm.

Most young adults stay at home into their late 20's so they don't have a place to romp around with their boy/girlfriend... motels like this are a staple to young sex lives.

The ad may scream of sleaze but it doesn't have anything to do with the sheets.


Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson

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motels here are not like the motels in europe on US
here they are used for sex.
So, the add makes a lot of sense....and yes, they keep the motels nice and clean..

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