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the 2nd place tag thing is totally out of place.. dont think its good.

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u must be kidding…

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You're wrong, wouldn't work as well without it.

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Wow! fantastic! I like it! no wait... I Love it! good one lowe!

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Lee Clow
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whoever likes this ad must be on some very bad drugs.

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well said. this is the kind of idea u get from ADDICTION, not ADVERTISING.
(Always Trigger-Happy)

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which leads me to the question if we really get our ideas from ADVERTISING

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interpretation anyone?

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ok ok i saw the gun ad and now i think i get it: is it supposed to say that the frog and the gunman who are supposed to be faster than anyone else come second compared to renault? i think yes...?

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fyi Raz, it's not a frog, it's a chameleon. I just saw the cowboy one and now i get it. and i love it. i love it alot.

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okay, i must still be very tired... because i don't get it. go ahead and call me names or ridicule my intelligence or question my place on earth... but i don't get it.
i see that the tongue of the chameleon is likely fast, is the car as fast as the tongue? or is the car supposed to be faster than the tongue of the chameleon so that's why it's in second place?

anyone know of a non-habit forming sleeping aid for me to try?

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hehehehe coffee always works for me:-) read my previous comment and i think you'll get the meaning of the ads! (if i got it right that is!)jeje

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thanks. i did read your comment and checked out the other ad as well and now it's all coming together in my wee brain.
coffee isn't helping, though it's tasty. i've had 3 already. what i need is sleeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp.

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Nice job!
Hola Chini! buen trabajo!

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weak and forced

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love this.

i'm starting to wonder how many people posting here are high?


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i like it.

but question for everyone:
when you buy a car, which do you consider FIRST?
b) performance
c) appearance

* assuming it's a launch of a totally new car, which no one has seen before.

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In case of a sports car, performance probably comes first. Coolness factor second. Everything else follows.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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so ivan,

what if that sports car has the best performance in the world.
but the look is shit ugly.

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I know... but I would rather buy an ugly and performing Lancer Evolution than a beautiful but poor performing Crossfire.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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muahaha! i get your point.

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LLL ads (Lousy, Lame, Lazy)

Check out the Smart ads (Ghosts, UFOs etc) that is a perfect approach and execution, gets the message across and great idea. This kinda I-am-faster-than-you-advertisement is LAME.

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