Renault: Renault Courtesy Ad, 1

Renault is pleased to give up its place to another vehicle. European week of courtesy on the road.

Like last year, Renault has taken up the cause to toot the horn for the European Week of Courtesy on the Road. And the most courteous act we can do on the road is to give way to others. Like giving up a parking spot. This is literally what Renault is doing – giving up its place in the press. The brand has given up a full page ad in Belgian daily newspapers to VW Golf and to Nissan Juke.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Paul Servaes
Art Director: Alain Janssens
Copywriter: Eric Piette
Account Director: Francis Lippens

March, 2013


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Jaap Grolleman
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Not sure if it works but sure as hell refreshing to see. Good job for bravery Renault!

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