squirrely's picture
316 pencils

Something seems wrong about the photoshop work. The car pops out a bit too much. Just being picky.

nightwish's picture
6 pencils

Agreed, but not sure if its just the car, indeed something looks off.
Still, good concept and creative direction in all the renault series of comparing everyday cars vs racing cars imho.

Minimum's picture
1496 pencils

Its the lighting. in the back is a sun setting so the light must come from behind. But the car is lighted from the front, visible by the glow on its hood and top.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

White Space's picture
White Space
86 pencils

I agree, I think for this concept I would of liked to see a little motion in the tires too at least. It looks too parked. But I like it otherwise.

Conceptual-eyes's picture
1475 pencils

I think the car is pulling out in the wrong direction. It looks a little uncomfortable. Otherwise a nice enough concept.

Axxl's picture
208 pencils

I agree, feels like the car is driving in the wrong direction. I guess Renault wanted to see the front of the car. But why didn't they just mirror the whole ad. The logo in the left corner also seems strange in this ad... but nice idea. Execution is not perfect.

act's picture
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the car should have some reflection.

satan's picture
181 pencils

Car direction dosent matter, when your concept in sooooo good. WOW

Pila's picture
177 pencils

what has direction got to do with the idea


popdistortion's picture
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Yeah well, art direction sort of lost a bit on this one. Otherwise it is a nice little idea but the product is a bit disappointing. Do you guys ever have that feeling? You see an ad and think "Wow" and then you see the product they're advertising for and you go "What a waste".

hovsep's picture
33 pencils

I also agree with popdistortion, I mean 165 Hp is nice but I think the 255 Hp V6 Clio would've been more in its place.

Capitalist's picture
132 pencils

Yet another great Idea...this one gets my vote...fresh.

LetitbeKNOWN's picture
36 pencils

I'm not concerned about car direction, infact it works, maybe slight motion blur though. As for the fact that the idea's more exciting than the product, Isn't that the point....Great ad.

pixelbomb1's picture
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motion blurr i agree. direction? left hand drive / right hand drive.

Arnold Santillan

B128's picture
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I think it's going in the right direction (Nascar direction). I don't think it should have a motion blur as it's just about to enter the race track. It's taking a pose to show off. The race track represents speed, the people have come to see it's beauty n speed.

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