Renault Logan: Internal Space, Kids Exchange

Isn't it awful when things get crowded together?
Renault Logan, the roomiest car in its category.

Advertising Agency: Exclam Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Lipsio Carvalho
Copywriter: Peterson Klug
Art Director: Alexandre Miyaki
Published: September 2008


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The URL is also wrong in this site: is the right URL. is not available

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Maybe they're not meant to be real, but merely clever word combinations that engage the target by making them look twice?

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commercial artist
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Uh huh.

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uhuh << lol


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this agency should close down its operations immidiately so that the interests of their clients are saved from such perverted ideas.

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So what does a URL have to do with the car... the address doesn't work so there's no connection there... it's purely a design element and doesn't conceptually add to this... the words could have been together without being in a URL.

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Guest commenter

this is frickin aweful....this goes so far over the line...who ever thought of these genius idea should go back their hole

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